A new collection of bed linen from SoundSleep - satin, satin jacquard and ranforce!

We have been waiting for so long, and now we are pleased to present you luxurious Turkish bed linen sets from the beloved brand SoundSleep!
Such linen will give you harmony in the bedroom, thanks to the natural fibers of fabrics from which the kits are sewn. Charming designs will relieve stress and fatigue after a long working day. In summer, linen will give a cool, and in winter give breath to the skin. This ensures excellent rest and quality, sound sleep. Your bedroom will be filled with an extraordinary radiance of beauty and luxury! Sets are made of natural cotton in satin, satin-jacquard and ranforce.

Ranfors is an easy and practical material, resistant to crushing and rolling, which perfectly tolerates many washings. Kits from this fabric perfectly pass air and absorb excess moisture, which has a beneficial effect on health and well-being.

The collection includes sets of high-quality satin, which consists of 100% cotton. This fabric breathes, has a light shine, smoothness and excellent durability. The fabric preserves the brightness and richness of colors for a long time, so the kit will retain its original appearance for a long time and provide a good mood.

Sets of high quality jacquard satin, which consists of 100% cotton are presented in monochrome designs. This fabric breathes, has a special smoothness and excellent strength. Fabric effectively shimmers depending on the lighting, creating a beautiful game of highlights. The linen does not crinkle at all, remains fresh and neat for a long time.