About Us

Magic of Textile Ltd. is a modern textile company which specializes in manufacturing and sales of pillows, blankets, bed linen, towels, blankets, and kitchen textiles.

Do you want to create comfortable living and working environment? Wish to add some home comfort and feel the harmony of the surrounding? You definitely cannot do it without Magic!

Magic of Textile will help you to choose home textiles of perfect quality. We will ensure your sound sleep, because in our product range there are the best quality pillows, blankets and bed linen.

We develop the best and the most modern designs and use innovative technologies for their production and tailoring.

We offer a wide range of services for individual tailoring of textile and terry products as well as customer customization: adding your logo, developing a unique style, etc.

Working with us means having a comfortable type of cooperation, comprehensive consultations on any aspects and shortest delivery time.

We deliver around Ukraine, to Europe, the Baltic States and the CIS.

All products are certified, and we check the quality of all the products that we offer. We constantly expand our product line, taking into account market trends.

Our principles are quality, trends, and love!