Bed linen stonewash

Stonevosh Bed Linen

The quality of sleep greatly affects our well-being, health, satisfaction from life in general. That is why we pay such attention to the interior of the bedroom, carefully select the bed, mattress, pillows.

Bed linen plays an important role in a comfortable and relaxing holiday. It can be the most simple or fashionable and creative, monophonic or with various patterns. The main thing that it was pleasant, was pleasant to the touch, simple in leaving, and served for a long time, without losing its attractiveness and strength. In Ukraine, to buy bed linen in good quality wholesale offers online store "Magic Textiles". In our catalog you will find wholesale bed for every taste and budget, as well as bed textile at retail, which can be ordered in Kiev and any other city in the country. Special demand among the entire range of used Stonewash kits from the manufacturer.

Stonewash Benefits

Translate “Stonewash” can be as boiled cotton. This bed linen made of cotton, created using stone washing technology. This is a prewash kit before it is used by customers. To get boiled linen, it is washed in drums along with stones, both natural and artificial. It may be pumice stone, volcanic rock, etc. As a result, a completely new fabric, just made, gets a worn appearance. The thread is shoved and becomes especially soft. This method of manufacture allows you to create not just an unusual appearance of underwear. It has the following advantages: since the fabric already looks worn, the header does not require ironing, natural folds make the linen only more beautiful and comfortable; matter does not shrink during washing, because shrinkage has already occurred during the production of stone washing; even repeated washing does not lead to loss of color; strands and weaves soften during washing, and therefore bedding becomes very soft and pleasant to the touch. The optimum density for linen made from boiled cotton is the indicator 115 + -120 gr.m2. In the catalog of our online store kits from the manufacturer are presented wholesale and retail at an affordable price. The assortment of shades for every taste - both pastel and deeply deep. The most popular size is the double euro, there are also family and one and a half sets. Ordering bedding Stonewash, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with its beauty, comfort and value!