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Ranfors bedding

Good bedding - a pledge of sound sleep, as well as a quality bed, a properly chosen mattress. It depends on him how comfortable the dream will be, whether it will help recuperate, recharge your batteries. Among the range of our online store, underwear “ranfors” from the manufacturer is very popular. This fabric is made from natural cotton. By the method of weaving, it is very similar to coarse calico, only softer, and in comparison with satin - tougher. If there is 42 threads per square centimeter, then there are 57 stitches in Ranfors. It is more pleasant to touch coarse calico and flax, as the manufacturing process uses a smooth and thin yarn. At the same time, the fabric is very durable, thanks to its high density. We can order wholesale bedding in Kiev and all over Ukraine cheaply, as well as make a purchase of goods at retail prices. The site offers a wide range of kits for every taste and budget, of different colors and sizes.

The advantages of ranfors bed linen

Ranfors kits will not be as cheap as calico or calico. But they pay off due to long service life and ease of operation. In “Magic Textiles” you can buy ranforsnoe bed linen in bulk cheap. It has the following advantages: strength and durability - repeated cleaning of organic cotton allows you to create a very durable fabric structure. Even the cheapest ranfors CPB can be washed and used almost daily, the laundry will retain its brightness and attractive appearance; comfort - the linen is practically not wrinkled, not electrified, pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it is able to adjust to the temperature in the room. In summer, it creates the effect of coolness, and in winter it warms well; attractive appearance - on such clothes do not appear the pellets, paints are applied to it stable, which means you can not be afraid that the beautiful set will fade with time; hypoallergenic - the fabric is well breathable, does not accumulate static electricity, does not cause allergic reactions; simplicity of operation - laundry can be washed in hot water and ironed. It is easily washed off and does not cause trouble to use. Linen from ranfors wholesale and retail - ideal for hostels, dormitories, housing workers. A variety of choices and low prices make it possible to order any sets that will suit your taste. Buy underwear cheap from the warehouse in “Magic Textiles” and sleep will always be strong and comfortable!