Terry towels

Of all types of home textiles, terry towels are the most popular. All of us in everyday life need a towel for the bathroom, for the kitchen, the beach, and just for wiping your face and hands. The choice of these products must be approached very carefully, because the hygiene of water procedures, our comfort, mood and health depend on them. Buy quality terry towels from the manufacturer wholesale and retail on the official website of "Magic Textiles". We have a delivery in Ukraine, so it does not matter where you live - in Kiev or a small city, we will be able to deliver your order in the near future! We offer to figure out how to make the right choice!

How to choose a terry towel

To buy terry towels inexpensively wholesale or retail in the online store “Magic Textiles” stands for the following advantages that these products have:

  • excellent web absorption - on the terry cloth there are a lot of loops that adsorb water in large quantities;
  • towels pleasantly massage the skin - terry loops are able to gently massage the skin, steamed after bath procedures. It is pleasant and helpful, as well as gently exfoliates the skin;
  • heat preservation - if there is cotton in the composition, terry towels are sufficiently dense and do not allow the skin to cool. So, you can continue the hygienic procedures, wrapped in a towel, and do not freeze at all;
  • low prices - we offer both wholesale and small wholesale at very competitive prices, as well as buying towels at retail.

Typical mesh sizes may vary, depending on the manufacturer: kitchen textiles have standard sizes 40x60, 40x70, 50x70; for hands and face fit 50x80, 50x90; bath towels are usually presented in such sizes: 60x130, 70x140 for sauna, beach, suitable products 90x160, and 100x150. They are good as children's terry sheets. The most common are Turkish products. Makhra happens to be torsion loops - it is a very durable fabric, and with zero torsion, different softness and tenderness. The quality of the product can be determined by its composition; some manufacturers offering cheap towels add synthetic products to cotton. Therefore, carefully study the label. And having received your order, try to pour water on a towel - the faster it absorbs it, the better it is. Poorly absorb water products with low density. As for the colors, and here you can distinguish towels by ornaments - there are dyed products, jacquard border, with lace elements. It all depends on your preferences. On our site you will find a wide range of terry towels, the price and quality of which will pleasantly please you!