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Terms of use
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Conditions of registration on

During registration website, you agree that all the contact details provided to them (personal information, phone numbers, email addresses) are transferred voluntarily. Responsibility for the transfer of accurate information in the full responsibility of the user alone.
Once registered, the user is provided with a login password, which ensures the safety of person he is. The user assumes responsibility for all activities that occur on under its unique username and password. If the registration data have been lost by the user, to prevent fraudulent activities by third parties, he is obliged to inform the administration of the store as soon as possible by sending an email to [email protected] or request a call back via the appropriate form.

Provide feedback, commenting conditions

User agrees that all his appeals to the administration of the site, as well as the comments left on the site, will meet the following requirements:
all posts are legitimate;
They are not malicious;
They are not threatening or libelous;
are not those which are an affront to morality;
do not violate the copyright;
in any possible form not propagate hatred;
do not discriminate against other people on any ground such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious or social;
It does not contain insults made in relation to specific individuals or organizations;
in any other way violate the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.
Each message sent by the user, after the passage of moderation may be irretrievably deleted administration without obtaining the consent of the registered user. Any messages sent by users, can be used in the administration of advertising, commercial and other purposes, free of charge.
The user is solely responsible for any kind of information placed on them

Other conditions
The administration under no circumstances does not bear material, legal or liability for any damages associated with the process and results of the use, as well as the inability to use (including loss of profit by the user , loss of data, termination of the business nature of the activity).

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