Woolen pillows

Wool Cushions

We all live in such an active pace, often face various kinds of stress, severe mental or physical labor, and this can not but affect the human nervous system. In order to recover, recharge your batteries, replenish your reserve of strength, you need a comfortable rest, sound and healthy sleep. And here we can not do without a high-quality cushion with a cotton cover. Buy pillows in retail and wholesale from the manufacturer in Kiev, you can in the online store "Magic Textiles". Here you will find a catalog of various products at affordable prices, you can choose the right model and order delivery, regardless of your stay in Ukraine. The greatest demand among our range of used pillows made of wool. We offer to understand what contributes to this, and how to make the right choice.

Advantages of woolen pillows

- Wool is a natural material that has been and remains in demand due to its characteristics:

- air permeability;

- highest thermal conductivity;

- good degree of moisture resistance;

- beneficial effects in inflammation, pain in the joints and muscles, rheumatism;

- pillows from wool remove static charges, the body breathes and fully rests.

Any wool has the highest thermostatic properties, as inside the hair there is a hollow structure that retains heat. Due to this, a comfortable microclimate is created during sleep, which has a beneficial effect on mood, well-being and health. Wool for filling pillows can be different, most often used:

-sheep - at the same time elastic and gentle wool. This is the perfect choice for those who like hard pillows. They are warm, absorb moisture well and let the air through;

- camel - weighs less than sheep, but at the same time quite strong. Considered the warmest option;

- cashmere - has a high hygroscopicity, elasticity;

- Mohair is the wool of the Angora goats, known for its quality. It should be borne in mind that in pillows that are completely stuffed with wool, the filler falls over time.

Therefore, modern manufacturers twist it into balls, which allows to keep the volume and avoid caking. Such products are better to dry clean, rather than wash yourself. The best woolen pillows, wholesale and retail at competitive prices - only in “Magic Textiles”!