Beach towels

Beach towels by wholesale: a profitable investment

At the end of May, almost all people are preparing for the onset of the swimming season. People buy new swimming trunks, swimwear, circles for children, sunglasses and, of course, high-quality beach towels. And you can make money on it with the help of a reliable supplier of “Magic of Textile”!

We sell by wholesale high-quality textile products of Ukrainian production at a low price.

Catalog of beach towels from "Magic of Textile"

Our beach towels are made of quality material: cotton and polyester (there is an option of 100% cotton). You can choose any product that suits you in pattern and color. Choose your favorite towel and place an order for it with our company. Delivery of products is carried out in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, and the terms vary within 1-3 days. We`ll make sure that you get beach towels by wholesale as quickly as possible!

Quality Guaranteed

Our bright beach towels, which you can buy by wholesale, perfectly absorb humidity and consist mainly of cotton, so they are quite durable and wear-resistant. Products are undemanding in care and well give in to repeated washing. They are universal: towels can be used in the bathroom, for the sauna or as bedding on the beach. For these reasons, they will appeal to your customers, thereby ensuring you regular sales!

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Buy beach towels by wholesale as a gift to close people and for further resale. The "Magic of Textile" online store sells textile products at low prices and is a reliable supplier of products. We guarantee that we will deliver the order as quickly as possible safe and sound.