Bed linen satin jacquard

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Satin Jacquard Bed Linen

It's no secret that our health, mood, health is very dependent on the quality, comfort and duration of a night's sleep. Therefore, in the bedroom it is very important to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, furnish it so that the rest brings maximum pleasure. It can not do without quality bedding. Modern textile manufacturers, who choose wholesale bedding as their specialization, offer a huge variety of sets made from natural or synthetic materials. Their price depends on the quality and type of fabric, the characteristics of weaving fibers, decor. A special place among the entire range is Jacquard linen. You can buy satin jacquard from the manufacturer in Ukraine in our online store. Now you do not need to spend time looking for good kits, long to wait for delivery or receipt. It is enough to place an order in bulk with us, as well as at competitive prices at retail and in a couple of days you will receive sets in Kiev or another city of the country!

The advantages of satin jacquard

Satin jacquard is a natural fabric that differs from other materials by the method of weaving threads. The drawing is created directly on the machine and as if “woven” into the fabric. This means that no further coloring of the finished web is required. Unlike ordinary jacquard, the pattern of satin on the one hand is voluminous, on the other - as if pressed. The result is an elite level of underwear that can provide the most comfortable and pleasant sleep. Other advantages include:

  • smooth, silky texture;
  • completely natural composition;
  • fabric strength;
  • reasonable price; long service life;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • attractive appearance;

Lingerie is very soft to the touch, nice to the body. On it it would be desirable to relax more likely, and to have a rest fully. Choosing a coloring, consider your preferences, a room interior. Recently, deep dark tones have reached the peak of popularity - they give the kit an even greater sophistication and atmosphere. Bed linen wholesale and retail good quality only in the “Magic of textiles”! Order from us elite sets of satin jacquard, and they will serve you for more than one year, pleasing you with their comfort and durability!