Bed linen satin

Satin bedding

Beautiful satin bedding is a real luxury for your holiday. Due to the properties of the fabric, it is also called cotton silk - the brilliance of bed linen is achieved by a special weaving of threads. Striking beauty like satin, satin retains warmth and softness of cotton. Among the advantages of satin bed linen can be distinguished that the material:

• Do not wrinkle - just enough to straighten the sheet and duvet cover and your bed in perfect condition;

• Does not lose gloss - gloss remains many years of operation; • Does not slip - the softness of cotton is as comfortable as possible for sleeping;

• Not cold - it perfectly maintains warmth, what you need in cold winter. You can buy satin wholesale from the manufacturer, as well as at competitive prices in Ukraine right now, having familiarized yourself with the rich assortment of the online store “Magic of Textiles”.

Satin Variations

• Classic satin - the most common type of fabric made from 100% cotton. Soft durable fabric with weaving 120-130 threads per cm square, with a silky sheen and excellent performance;

• Satin-jacquard - a material of cotton fibers with a woven woven pattern obtained by combining different weaving methods to obtain different surface textures. The density of such linen 170-220 strands - this is one of the most elite options for your bed;

• Stripe satin is one of the varieties of satin jacquard, where the canvas pattern is presented in the form of alternating glossy and matte strips. Determine the quality of sateen

The main indicators of the quality of satin bedding are the weaving density of the yarns and the fabric composition:

• Density - the number of threads per square centimeter of linen. Optimum density of sateen - from 120 threads and above. The greater the number of threads, the more durable, wear-resistant and durable will be bed linen. The density of bed linen can vary from 110 to 180 threads. Also, the density can be specified in grams per m2 - choose a figure not lower than 120 g / m2;

• Composition - the classic composition of satin bed linen consists exclusively of cotton fibers. There are also blended fabrics, where synthetic fibers are added to cotton fibers to increase the wear resistance and strength of the material and reduce the price of the bed set.

Methods for dyeing and applying patterns on satin linen

• Bleached satin - white linens without drawing (can be decorated with patterned weaving);

• Plain dyed satin - single-colored bed linen, which can be obtained both by weaving previously dyed fibers, or by dyeing the finished fabric (to create two-color satin-jacquard, take the already dyed fibers);

• Printed satin - printed or printed pattern is applied on the front side of bed linen using the pigment printing method. At the same time, the fabric does not lose its strength and softness;

• Satin 3D - the pattern on the bedding is applied over the entire surface of the canvas by the method of reactive printing, which makes the fabric even stronger. At the same time drawing turns out very realistic and three-dimensional.

Sateen Bedding Sets

1. One-and-a-half - bed sheet 150 * 220, duvet cover (depending on the manufacturer) 145 * 210 or 160 * 220, pillowcase (2 pcs.) 50 * 70;

2. Double - sheet 200 * 220, duvet cover 175 * 215, pillowcase (2 pcs.) 50 * 70;

3. Double Euro - bed sheet 220 * 240, duvet cover 200 * 220, pillowcase (2 pcs.) 50 * 70;

4. Family - a sheet 220 * 240, a duvet cover (2 pieces) 160 * 220, a pillowcase (2 pieces) 50 * 70.

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