Bed Covers

The range of modern home textiles is very diverse. A special place among it takes a veil. If you choose the right textile on the bed, even change the bedroom simply beyond recognition, make it harmonious, complete. This nuance affects not only the overall interior design, but also determines the atmosphere, comfort, so they can not be neglected. To order stylish bedspreads wholesale in Ukraine and retail offers the official website “Magic Textiles”. Here you will find a wide selection of products at a low price for every taste. It does not matter if you live in Kiev or in another city, delivery throughout the country is valid in our online store. There is a small wholesale, large wholesale, retail, all so that you can buy high-quality textiles cheap!

How to choose a bedspread?

The following nuances will help determine the size of the bedspread:

  • bed dimensions - measure its width and add 20-30 cm on each side;
  • the presence or absence of the head, back in the legs, so you determine the length; other design features of the bed - material, decorative elements, etc.;
  • the way you usually make the bed.

On our website are presented covers of all standard sizes, so you can order wholesale and bedspreads in retail without fear that the product will not fit your bed. As for the compositions, the best option is cotton or linen. Natural fabrics are always in demand, which is why bulk covers from them are popular.

These products usually do not have a very large thickness, so they are easy to maintain, use and store. Natural textiles are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. Air can circulate freely, excess moisture evaporates quickly. Such covers can be used not only for decoration, but also to hide in cool weather. It will not be hot in the summer, it will be cold in the winter. Synthetic materials are undesirable, they electrify, cause allergies, do not allow the skin to breathe. As for the shade, it is better to choose a bedspread that blends in with the bedroom interior, bedding sets, decor, curtains. So it will become one of the elements of the overall picture, make the atmosphere more comfortable and harmonious. On our site you will find a variety of Turkish bedspreads, which the manufacturer made the highest quality, stylish and cheap. Choose an option to your liking and you are guaranteed to be satisfied!