Pillоws for hotels

Pillows for hotels by wholesale

A variety of textile, used in hotels, are pillows. They provide users with a physiological head position, making their rest comfortable and safe. Modern manufacturers offer owners of hotels and other similar institutions ergonomic textile pillows for hotels by wholesale and retail.

Features of pillows for hotels

Textiles for sleeping used in hotel numbers should have the following qualities:

  • Safety of use. This quality is ensured by the ergonomic design of the products and the use of anti-allergenic materials for sewing them.
  • The convenience of use. Pillows should be comfortable, pretty soft and keep their shape.
  • Hygroscopicity. Products,  which cover quickly absorbs moisture, give the user good health while relaxing at any ambient temperature.
  • Breathability. Easy-to-pass textile material protects the skin from overheating.
  • Durability. Such sleeping textiles should be wear-resistant and durable. This provides him with a long useful life.

Pillows for hotels: design

Hotel bedding most often has a discreet color. As before, white models and pastel shades are in demand. The cover of such products can be decorated with a floral pattern or embroidery in the form of stars and a month.

Some manufacturers provide a service to create a customer`s logo on products. Such textile can be quilted what gives them better safety. Its shape can be classical, that is, square, or rectangular. Regardless of the design, high-quality textile pillows provide users with deep and safe sleep.

Which pillow filler to choose?

In hotels, also use pillows with artificial filler and natural filler - fluff/feather of waterfowl. Artificial filler - can be holofiber, siliconized fiber, highly-siliconized fiber, which is also called artificial swan fluff substitute.

In expensive hotels often use down pillows, since hadn`t been invented nothing better and more elegant, than goose down pillows. For ease of care, you can use special waterproof cotton pillowcases that can be washed at high temperatures without cleaning the entire pillow. Of course, on top of such a pillowcase, is used the usual pillowcase from the bedding set.

What size pillow for hotel is better?

Bedding, including pillows, should be in accordance with the wishes of most guests.