Bed linen polysatin poplin

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Poplin bed linen

The competent organization of a berth greatly influences the quality of sleep. It is necessary to find a comfortable bed, moderately hard mattress, to create a relaxing interior and a cozy atmosphere. The bedding is of great importance, not only its attractive appearance, but also the quality of the fabric. It should be comfortable, safe, pleasant to the body. Especially popular among the range of our online store enjoys poplin underwear from the manufacturer. We can buy it in bulk in Ukraine, as well as at favorable retail prices, you do not need to look for stores in Kiev, it’s enough to place an order on the website. Prices are more than affordable. We offer to understand why poplin is so much in demand, what are the advantages of this fabric.

Benefits of linen poplin

Poplin underwear - cotton. Make it by alternating the intersection of the base with the ducks. Thick longitudinal lines intersect with vertically more thin lines. Due to the fact that the dense fibers are enveloped in thin, the product remains soft and pleasant from the outside. Inside, it retains its strength. To the touch, the fabric even resembles satin, although it is much cheaper. It is as smooth as silk, but easier to use, stronger. Among the advantages are the following:

  • The fabric does not shrink after washing, it does not deform, there are no pellets on it;
  • Prints and drawings do not fade, even if the bed is near the window.
  • Poplin linen will long please you with its beauty;
  • The kits are easy to clean, the fabric is virtually wrinkled, which practically minimizes the need for ironing;
  • Poplin well passes moisture, allows air to circulate, without creating at the same time discomfortable sensations;
  • Bed linen from this fabric saves heat, which is important for cool autumn and winter, allows you to keep warm during sleep;
  • The fabric is completely hypoallergenic, even if the composition has synthetic fibers.

Due to good strength, the quality characteristics of poplin linen are maintained for several years of active use. At the same time it will not lose its shape, color depth, its attractive appearance. In the “Magic of Textiles” catalog you will find all the popular sizes - euro, double, family, one and a half. Depending on the need, buy clothes from us at retail, as well as book profitably wholesale opt-in bed and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the cooperation!