Duvet covers

Duvet Covers

The duvet cover is an obligatory component of a set of bed linen intended for protection of a blanket against pollution. Fortunately, times have passed when only duvet covers with a narrow side neckline were on sale, and the usual dressing of a blanket became a difficult and exhausting process. However, even today the choice of a duvet cover is accompanied by the need to know some nuances. To buy quality duvet covers from the manufacturer offers inexpensive online store "Magic Textiles". Our catalog contains a large assortment of options, both wholesale and retail. The price of the kits is more than affordable. Now you do not need to look for bed linen in different stores in Ukraine, we work in Kiev, and deliver to all other cities of the country.

How to choose a duvet cover

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the material. The most common are: cotton - combines naturalness and practicality. Different fabrics are made of it - batiste, calico, poplin; flax - known for its air permeable property, good durability, even multiple machine washings are terrible for this material; silk - silk bedding remains cool even in extreme heat, therefore it is an ideal choice for summer; synthetic and combined fabrics - are used when durability is more priority than hygienic properties of a bed set. Cotton bedding is considered optimal in terms of price and quality. Cotton - a material that is pleasant to the body, hypoallergenic, is quite durable. Based on it, many other fabrics are made, which differ from each other in ways of interlacing threads. So, duvet covers poplin help warm up in the winter and cool in the summer, they are stylish and high-quality, pleasant to the body, do not cause allergic reactions. Another important point when choosing - the size of linen, especially if you are interested in wholesale or duvet at retail. In order not to be mistaken, you need to know the height and width of your blanket. Duvet cover should be more than 5-7 cm. In our catalog you will find different options, both euro and double, family or one and a half. As for the colors, the color of the duvet cover is chosen under the rest of the set, so that everything looks beautiful and harmonious. In the trend of pastel and dark shades. When ordering in “Magic Textiles”, you will always have high-quality, cute and durable duvet covers!