Bed sheets

Diversity Sheet

It is impossible to equip a comfortable sleeping area without using a quality sheet. It provides optimal hygienic conditions for healthy rest. Such products are covered with mattresses or sofas to keep them clean. Purchase of sheets in bulk and in retail is relevant for hotel owners, sanatoriums, which operate various government agencies and commercial companies.

Types of Bed sheets

The modern market offers a wide range of similar textile products to its customers. In Kiev, sheets and wholesale sold in retail by many manufacturers and intermediary companies. All realized things of a similar plan are divided into types depending on the material underlying them. They are:

• cotton (seagrass): they are light, natural, antiallergenic, affordable. At the same time to buy cotton sheets in bulk is more profitable than to buy in retail. Products of this type are easy to care and almost do not bother.

• satin: they are distinguished by increased durability, durability and density. Despite the density of matter, satin articles are soft to the touch and pleasing to the body. They have a good look. Such things do not lose their attractiveness even after many washing cycles.

• Terry: sheets of this type are multifunctional. They can be used as a warm sheet in the winter, a light blanket in the summer, a beautiful blanket on the couch or blanket on the bed. Products of this type are easy to absorb moisture, they are very soft and fluffy.

The warmth of this textiles combines with its ease and coherence. There are simple sheets and elastomeric designs. The second kind of textiles is attached to the mattress or sofa with elastic band, which prevents the product from knocking down during use.

Poplin Cotton Sheets

Among the whole assortment of sets of bed linen, an important role is played by sheets. After all, it is on them that we sleep, and they help to get some sleep, charge with cheerfulness, energy, good mood. Thinking which sheets to buy in bulk or retail, we often pay attention only to the design of the kit and its drawing. But such an approach is threatened by the fact that in a few weeks the product loses its properties, external appeal, almost does not come to futility. To avoid this, it is worth choosing a cotton linen from the manufacturer. In Kiev, and in Ukraine as a whole, you can order it in the online store "Magic Textiles". Here you will find cheap sheets of poplin in bulk, which will please you not only the value but also the quality! In addition, it is profitable to buy textiles at a pleasant retail price.

Benefits of the Poplin

Poplin sheets are enormously popular, all thanks to its delicate and comfortable surface. Outwardly, the poplin products are similar to satin, but the small scar creates a velvet surface on the canvas. In winter, this fabric perfectly holds back the heat, and in summer it quickly absorbs all excess moisture. And one more important advantage is, of course, an affordable price.

How to choose cotton sheets in bulk and retail

Poplin is a fabric made by the alternating section of the base (thick longitudinal threads) with duck (thin vertical threads). Dense fibers are enveloped with more subtle threads, which makes the sheets very strong inside, while pleasing to the body, soft. By way of painting such sheets are:

  • bleached;
  • smooth-colored;
  • stuffed;
  • multicolored;

For a long and successful service of a bedding set, it is very important to choose the right size of the bedding. In the description on the site "Magic Textile", the size is indicated based on what mattress the sheet is suitable. A skirt (the part that is wrapped around a mattress) is usually calculated at a height of 20-25 cm and is not indicated in the description. If you need a sheet of foam on the elastic band, it's enough that the gum is only in the corners, this is enough for comfortable bed linen and a pleasant sleep. With regard to colors, everything depends on your preference, the interior of the bedroom. Wholesale allows you to order many variants and to reproduce. When buying sheets in retail, you can beautifully add a bed linen or replace the worn items. Great demand among our clients is pastel and dark tones. When ordering sheets in "Magic Textile", you will always be happy with your choice!